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An introduction to Connected Solutions Group, LLC located in Richmond, Virginia. We specialize in providing cellular based wireless, M2M, IOT, and data device solutions for enterprise level clients across the country. Visit to learn more.

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CSG is a leading distributor of embedded tablets.  With an extensive line of Android and Apple OS devices from all leading manufacturers, our mission is to find a quality device that meets your specifications with pricing that falls significantly under budget.  


CSG has become a go-to source for the burgeoning segment of the industry that utilize handsets and smartphones to run low data applications.  Our ability to source high quality, yet affordable devices across a wide range of spec requirements allows us to find the perfect solution for your individual application.




CSG stocks a consistent inventory of cellular data devices, including, but not limited to, embedded modules, usb modems, hotspots, M2M routers, home/office LTE routers, amplifiers, and much more.  Antennas and other add-on accessories

are also readily available. 

CSG is a reseller for the top router, fail-over, and business continuity hardware manufacturers.  You can source these products through a number of resellers, but CSG works hard to trim pricing as aggressively as possible, provide ultra-fast shipping, and post-sale support.  


CSG is furthering our ability to be a true turn-key solution by adding a number of mounting solutions for tablets and handsets, including the innovative RAM MOUNTS product line.  Inquire to learn how bundling your devices and mounting hardware from one source can save you time and money. 


Most device deployments require additional accessories or peripherals, including, but not limited to, rugged cases, chargers, CLA’s, headsets, bluetooth devices, extra batteries and more.  CSG can lower your bottom line by providing these products at a fraction of retail cost.


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Suite 300

Mechanicsville, VA 23116

To Our Potential Partners,

At Connected Solutions Group, we have a simple belief that every wireless hardware deployment has a sensible and significantly more affordable solution just waiting to be unearthed.  With nearly a dozen years of experience directly inside the downstream trade of wireless technology, our ownership prides itself on problem-solving, cost-effective, and innovative ways to bring your hardware application to life.  


We help customers at every stage of development.  Whether you have an application but no idea whatsoever which hardware will work for you, or you have spent countless hours zeroing in on a specific device, our work begins from the moment we get your call.  We can provide numerous options based on your specification requirements, or simply work to get the device you’ve decided on within your budget. This much I can promise you - we will work tirelessly until we have found the most effective and cost-sensitive solution for you. 


The relationships I have built at every level of the device lifecycle have uniquely positioned CSG to offer a wide range of solutions for any cellular hardware deployment.  I have put together a team that reflects the principles and work ethic that I believe in, and we take pride in doing things the right way. 


We see every potential customer as a partner.  We are in essence your purchasing team, and our job is simply to find you the best product at the best price.  


It would be an honor and privilege to go to work for you.



Michael C. Pittman

President & Founder 

Connected Solutions Group, LLC 


In our never ending quest to find our customers

cost-effective yet reliable hardware,

CSG is proud to announce our new

“Certified A-Stock”line of devices.


CSG Certified A-Stock!

A New Level Of Comfortability

In Secondary Market Hardware.


The CSG Bolt

A Blog from CSG


Having to answer the question - what are you good at?

By Mike Pittman

As honored as we are to be named the 8th fastest growing company in the country, ultimately it means very little, and far too much of the attention that has come from it has centered on me.  This organization is so much more than me and frankly I have been uncomfortable with a lot of that focus.

It has, however, caused me to reflect.  In my conversations with the reporter from INC magazine and our local Richmond publications, amongst general questions about our growth I was asked what makes me a good leader and what advice would I give to other prospective entrepreneurs. 

At the time, I gave answers about working extremely hard on culture. This means focusing on making your office somewhere that people want to work and work hard.  It’s very challenging, it can get time consuming and expensive, and it has to be genuine.  There is no faking it.  But if you can pull it off, you will create a team of individuals that will go above and beyond and will not do it begrudgingly.  That is what can make the difference between an order shipping a day early, a customer support rep picking up their phone on the car ride home, or individuals that are willing to embrace adversity instead of simply turning away from it.  This creates happy customers, quick resolutions, and strong relationships. 

I’ve thought about it more since I gave those answers, and while I still strongly agree with those points, I think I can sum it all up in a much simpler way.

Before we go there, I would like to admit the following: I’m not that smart.  I’m not highly-educated. I do basic math with my calculator.  I own a tech company and I am not very tech-savvy.  I can’t operate Excel competently, and if I somehow lost my basic email and programming platforms I’ve been using for 12 years, I would likely have to revert back to snail-mail for communication.  My employees love to poke fun at me about it.  I am pretty average at most everything I do save for one thing: forming relationships.  I think I have a skill there that few possess and I think I may have my finger on why.

I genuinely like people. 

Like, seriously.  I think that’s it.  I didn’t have a whole lot to offer in return as I was growing this business, I don’t have a commanding presence in a room, and it’s not like a 5’7” beanpole ginger is winning people over with his looks. 

But I do genuinely like human beings.  I believe in them, and I believe in giving them the benefit of the doubt.  As a deeply flawed person, fighting against my selfish tendencies programmed into our DNA like everyone else, I don’t search for why someone is going to screw me over or let me down.  When someone does show a moment of weakness or selfishness, I don’t write them off.  Quite the opposite actually.  I give them an opportunity to redeem themselves.  I choose to see the good in people, and I work very hard at maintaining that mindset.

To a certain segment, this is going to read like a pure humble brag, or me taking an opportunity to talk myself up shrouded in admissions of flaws.  Well, you are welcome to that take. I get it.  (And I am tremendously flawed, ask my saint of a wife) But I am writing this piece because I have taken a hard look at what has gotten us here because for the first time ever I am being directly asked these questions. We have been so busy grinding through the work and the growth that I hadn’t really stopped to think what I would tell another entrepreneur how I personally have impacted the growth of this business as the founder.

I think that’s my answer. I like and believe in people. I think they believe that I care.  I genuinely like every single employee we have.  I love hanging out with them outside of work and inside of work.  I love having their children at our office.  I meet Verizon teams face-to-face and every time I leave an office I am thinking “that was a great group of people.”  Every time an OEM partner comes in to tell us why we should sell their stuff, when they leave, I’m like “You know what?  We SHOULD sell their stuff!” 

Now I’m sure a psychiatrist could likely break this down to some childhood insecurities and a well-documented condition.  It’s also true that this alone could never make a successful business.  I have also worked my freckled butt off.  I have an AMAZING executive team and a family of colleagues that believe in what we are doing.  I’ve been lucky and I found a great niche. A lot has come together for us to grow the way we have.

This ranking hasn't suddenly made any of us rich, the money we make goes back into the business, and every day has a mountain of struggle to make all of the chaos work.  Who knows if it doesn’t all implode tomorrow. 

But after a lot of thought, I do think I can answer the question if asked - what are you good at that has impacted your growth?

I like people, and it’s not fake. I know in my heart it’s not.  And I think people gravitate towards it, and believe I want to do right by them. (They are right.) In the end, that may be really all it is.

Try working hard on focusing in the good of people – even when it’s most challenging.  Maybe it can positively impact more than your mood – just maybe it can help you in business.